Smart Industries, To Gain A Foothold And What Brand

Smart beds divided into European smart bed and American intelligence, European smart bed exclusive skeleton structure, American intelligent bed to bed-plate structure, compared with European Intelligent bed, American intelligence is more in line with the Chinese people's living habits, home to most of the American intelligence. European small businesses, no famous brand in American intelligence, Suo Feili, courtesy enpai and magic know music is well-known in the world of the three brands, which are represented by suofeilier.

Suo Feili, is the world's first intelligent enterprise research, development and production, which originated in United States, and 15 consecutive years selling United States. Establishment of three business centres throughout the world: North America, Europe, greater China, is the world's first intelligent enterprise research, development, production, with an annual output of 500,000 units, global sales of nearly 3 million units.