Polymetallic Deposits In Abnormal Structural Modeling Process To Establish

USGS geophysical and geochemical, geological sciences, China committed to research on primary halos of ore deposit method, optimized hydrothermal polymetallic ore geochemical indicators, summarizes the different types of hydrothermal polymetallic ore native exception model building model of polymetallic deposits in abnormal structure is established technology processes. A few days ago, reflects the results of the hydrothermal polymetallic ore rock geochemical exploration of the monographs published.

According to understand, materialized exploration by carried out of land resources department public industry fund special metal deposit geochemical exploration new index and exception structure model research, select has land phase volcano hot liquid type lead zinc mine, and spot rock type copper (MO) mine, and Silicon card rock type copper and the sea phase volcano hot liquid block sulfide mine, four species hot liquid more metal mine for target, through 13 a hot liquid more metal mine of instance, to original health Halo points with theory for guide, carried out has system of three dimensional stereo rock geochemical measurement. Researchers analyzed 55 elements content of sulfur and lead isotopes, based on research on polymetallic hydrothermal deposits have been related to a variety of geological element enrichment and dilution laws and ore, ore body element, primary geochemical anomaly, anomaly element zoning, isotopic composition, format of ore-forming elements, exception structure.