Metallogenic Series Of Ore Deposits

Refers to the four dimensional time and space in a particular domain, formed by specific geological ore-forming process of origin of the deposit portfolio. On the whole, it describes a specific geologic environment and mineralization between the contact and the temporal and spatial distribution of deposit, deposit the objective laws of form, reflects the main features of mineralization. Research on metallogenic series of ore deposits, will help build closer to the objective reality of metallogenic model and prospecting model, thus contributing to rational macro-deployment of prospecting work to guide regional exploration, improve prospecting results.

Researchers said that Chin-hang metallogenic belt, which is an old plate junction, through a long and complex history, in the process of its formation and evolution, has gone through many phases of tectonic-magmatic event and has given birth to a variety of different types of ore deposits. But the into mine with of determined and research history not long, especially its into mine role recently years only by widely concern and specifically research, also has many problem outstanding, including Khin-hang combined with of border and Yang child and Chinese land block collision spell posted of way and evolution process, and deposit causes and the regional into mine law, and into mine Dynamics background, and into mine mode and find mine model, need further strengthening research; Khin-hang into mine with mineral type more, deposit type complex, and often different type of deposit in space Shang symbiosis, Its sources, ore ore times, metallogenic mechanism and other issues remain to be resolved.