Branding Is A Smart Direction Of Industry Development

As the Internet technology continues to improve, "a new generation" smart home products if they can hold the lead in this market, businesses, industries, has an invaluable role. 3-5 years in the future, with the development trend of Internet, smart home, transformation of traditional furniture industry will speed up. High sensitivity to market, high, innovative traditional furniture business, also will be thinking under the influence of the Internet, focusing on aiming at 80, after the consumer demand, using a mobile terminal products business opportunities, differentiation of select industry partners, prospective selection of bed products are tailor-made products, marketing, service and brand.

For a long time, bed number such enterprises, but serious of product homogeneity, consumers choose products more price-oriented, competitive often appears in the form of a price war. With the improvement of urban and rural residents ' income levels and transformation of traditional furniture business, "brand concept" has been widely accepted, brand gradually concentrated purchasing power further to big brands.