7 Metallogenic Series Of Ore Deposits

Neoproterozoic in the first submarine exhalative-sedimentary copper polymetallic metallogenic series of ore deposits. Related to island arc volcanism and continental margin, mainly in the South-East of the Yangtze block and Proterozoic fold zone in the Northwestern margin of the Chinese landmass. Flat water deposits including Zhejiang and Jiangxi iron ore deposits such as street, Rochester.

Second neoproterozoic marine sedimentary-metamorphic metallogenic series type ferromanganese deposits. Associated with continental Rift volcanism, and subjected to regional metamorphism, late reformation of thermal metamorphism, are mainly distributed in the Caledonian uplift. The series of deposit-taking Xinyu (or river mouth) representative of Xiangtan iron ore, manganese ore, is the major industrial iron and manganese deposits in South China, has proven more than medium and large deposits of more than 10, such as Jiang Kou and Qidong, Hunan, Guangxi, Jiangxi Xinyu Eagle Yang, Guangdong tongluo Tang iron deposits and Xiangtan of Hunan province, Jiang Kou MN-ore deposit.

C Paleozoic marine-storey conversion-metallogenic series of copper, lead, zinc, iron and manganese deposits. And Harbour hot deposition into mine role about, and different degree to by late magma hot liquid activities of overlay transformation, main distribution Yu hercynian-Indo-Chinese period AO stuck district and uplift district of transition parts, as West, and Jiangxi, and in Central Hunan, and tracts and GUI Southeast, area, typical deposit including West Ling Hou, and Gan zhongyongping, and in Central Hunan clouds Pu, and GUI Middle Dragon, and GUI Southeast Buddha child rushed, deposit.