What is the trend of cabinets?
Kitchen Pinewood Cabinet Designs.jpgCabinets are platforms for storing kitchen utensils and cooking operations in the kitchen. The use of brighter color matching, composed of five major parts, cabinet, door panel, hardware, countertops, electrical appliances. The whole cabinet, also known as the "whole kitchen", refers to a cabinet combination consisting of cabinets, electrical appliances, gas appliances, and kitchen appliances. It is characterized by the combination of cabinets and consoles, kitchen appliances and various functional components, and according to the structure, area, and individual needs of the family members in the home, through the overall configuration, overall design, overall construction, and finally Form a complete set of products; achieve the overall coordination of each process of the kitchen work, and create a good family atmosphere, a strong sense of life.

From the color of the cabinet, the calm and dark black and dark coffee will become the popular color of the cabinets this year and next. At the same time, monochromatic high-gloss materials such as white, red, olive green, and vanilla will continue to be popular.

In a monochrome background, cabinets with partial wood grain accents or natural wood grain will be popular, and wood grain will return. The classical style cabinets are mostly made of solid wood. The frames and door panels are hand-carved, plus hand-painted and polished to reflect the ancient style. Modern style cabinets are also catching up with this trend, and wood-like cabinets will appear in large numbers, visually creating a warmth of wood.