What is table manners?
Modern Glass Dining Table And Chairs Sets.jpgAccording to the records of the literature, at least in the Zhou Dynasty, table manners have formed a fairly complete system, which is an important aspect of Confucius's praise and praise, which has become the manifestation of the great dynasties, the state of ceremonies, and the place of civilization.

Every country has its own culture, and it also has its own table manners. Different countries have different table cultures. Therefore, when dining anywhere, you need to show different table manners according to local customs, and show your own style and conservation. 

Table manners occupy a very important position in the Chinese people's complete life order. They believe that dining is not only a method to meet basic physiological needs, but also a top priority social experience.

In terms of meals, Chinese people are a little different from Westerners. Westerners like to taste the food they put in front of themselves, and Chinese people have certain rules for eating.