Used furniture to do?

It is understood that in September last year, Baiyun District used furniture resource centre began trial operation, exploring the purchase of services, establishment of large pieces of furniture, separation mode. In particular, by the City Council to allocate funds take the form of buying services, Baiyun district, delegate to the supply and marketing cooperatives to large waste processing furniture, and daily garbage pickup does not recycle waste. At present, have established a fixed Street store, recycling business focused collection, professional classification of dismantling processing mode.

Jingtai County, street rubbish compression stations are large pieces of furniture temporary site. Reporters saw some unwanted furniture plate can be recycled are sorted out by workers. Jing Tai Street, they all come from communities within its jurisdiction, as long as the save enough for a car, you can call centre focus away. This temporary storage in Baiyun district, a total of 52. Baiyun District residents as long as a phone, someone charged free home, housing communities are free or charge a small door fee under the circumstances.