Purchasing custom furniture materials and environmental protection is the key

Today, more and more attention to environmental safety, was from decoration, building materials, furniture, formaldehyde, benzene, TVOC, radioactive radon and other harmful pollutants have seriously affected the deadly "killer", newly renovated house all that air pollutants exceeding the case several times, dozens of times, times, terrifying. Advocating green consumption ideas of custom furniture more and more popular in recent years, first to start a green revolution in space. The reporter visited the home market to, in order to seize more business opportunities, most businesses have made custom furniture brand "zero formaldehyde" concept to attract consumers, claiming that their custom furniture as safe as the fruit, edge uses advanced processing equipment and so on, there is a saying, when furniture is selected, use the sense of smell, no smell is no formaldehyde. Consumers think that meet standard environmental protection is a "zero formaldehyde." "Zero formaldehyde" concept, refers to no formaldehyde. Is generally used, however a lot of custom furniture brand "particle board", insiders pointed out that, even if E0 plates also contain formaldehyde, only E0 is the current limit of formaldehyde emission of wood based panels and finishing products to the highest standards, "zero formaldehyde" concept is a suction eyes gimmick.