Panel and solid wood furniture material difference

For furniture, the most important thing is to know the source of the plates and environmental compliance. Green Island furniture chairman Lin Gaobao said, consumers in the purchase of sheet plate of furniture note brand, supply channels and ten rings meets E1 standards and certification. Solid wood furniture sales, materials list is more detailed. By visiting Red Star meikai long, Jimei home sells Beijing morning post reporters found that the now more mature wood furniture brand, in a contract of sale is to provide consumers with a clear material. For example, top furniture, each piece of furniture will be accompanied by a list of materials, meticulous to a lock, what materials are used for a Drawer bottom are written in clear, this also in many furniture sales is one. "The trade and Industry Bureau has the material must be presented in solid wood furniture on their price tags, consumers bought top furniture, we also stamped the contract to ensure the authenticity of the material. ”