No pungent smell is not equal to the pollution-free

A branded custom furniture store in shiqiao, reporters get to a more neutral answer. Custom furniture design Liao Gong said: "Judging from custom furniture with pungent plate is environmentally friendly, has the certain reference value, but not science. In fact, consumers can see by looking at the sheet level, certification, reporting to identify custom furniture plates meets the requirements of environmental protection. Sheet is a certain amount of formaldehyde standard. At present the national standard is used for indoor furniture-custom made plate E1, formaldehyde emissions for 0.5mg/I~1.5mg/I and formaldehyde emissions E0 standards is less than 0.5mg/I the European standards will be adopted, this plate is the most environmentally friendly on the market, but the prices are more expensive. Any plate, if the claim that environmental protection must have green building ten Central certification symbol of the State environmental protection administration. This is a measure of a custom furniture brand enterprise scale, product quality, the comprehensive strength of the main standard. Custom furniture requires businesses to provide the provincial authority over the test report. Worth noting is that must be sold to the test reports issued by quality inspection department. In addition, the furniture must provide product specifications, which was recently mandated. ”