Kids bunk beds for kids selected to do

1. solid wood children's beds bunk beds

As you can see above is a child bed bunk beds, this children's bed bunk bed I feel is natural Chinese style. This profile can see the arm of beds bunk beds for children, this child bed bunk bed-making craftsmanship, polished surface design, feels very solid. Design style, Chinese style, feels there is a sense of traditional Chinese style. Various styles are: 1.5 m children's beds bunk beds, 1.2 m children's beds bunk beds.

2. pine cot bunk bed

This is a bed bunk beds for children, as you can see, above, pine beds bunk beds for children, from the pictures, we can clearly understand that this is a high production of pine crib. Import Finland pine solid wood to build, strong and durable, NC green paint, environmental health. The pine cot bunk bed structure design used bunk bed to save space. High-quality, caring child's innocent childhood dreams!