Iron furniture purchase and maintenance of knowledge

Iron furniture purchase and maintenance of knowledge

Iron furniture is suitable for home decoration, let cool and romantic home atmosphere, from iron to iron lighthouse nightstand, from wrought iron to wrought iron security door window, etc., wrought iron furniture in the home of any applicable space. Let's find out how to buy lower iron furniture and wrought-iron furniture and maintenance knowledge of it.

Iron furniture Features

The main material is iron, wrought iron furniture, in addition to the combination of fabrics and wood, wrought iron furniture with anti-aging and with strong features. In the wood-based products in home decoration, iron coffee table, glass dining table, flower decoration is like most families choose. Iron furniture is suitable for display in a modern style living room can become home with highlights.

Iron furniture purchase knowledge

Look Material: iron furniture is a combination of metal material mainly glass, metal and leather, wood and metal and other metal fabric made in the selection of the time can touch, observe the color view highlights other aspects of testing. Good iron furniture products feel smooth to the touch, not stiff, looked good texture, color Akira degree is relatively full.

See Style: Choose iron furniture or when you want to take into account the overall home decor match. For decorative colors for the cool colors of the home, plus iron wood furniture should be mainly iron, bronze in color, golden-yellow, cool colors and can become a little warm.


See process: select iron furniture must be carefully examined iron member of the anti-corrosion measures are not good, or furniture is very easy to rust, with particular attention to the junction between the metal There are no significant gaps.


Iron furniture and maintenance knowledge

Iron furniture styles are very special, and irregular shape, the material is also special, take care of them a lot of trouble. Iron furniture in the course of daily use should pay attention to avoid the bump, dust them regularly, especially to take care of the details. Note that cleaning time must not use pH detergent, otherwise it will corrode iron furniture, daily use should also be careful not to sun, dry environment, away from the humid environment, the furniture regularly to rust, to maintain its original color.