How to place a bed?
White Double Size Metal Bed Frame.jpgIt’s a good idea to stay in bed, and it’s best to use it in bed, not someone else who has used it for a long time. This problem is usually more prominent for renters. If you use the bed that someone else has used for a long time, it will have a lot of bad effects on your health, emotions, and fortune.

Subject to the bedside, the right side of your bed cannot be against the wall. Strictly speaking, the space on the right side of the bed cannot be less than the space on the left side of the bed; further, the height of household items placed on the right side of the bed Nor can it be higher than the height of furniture items placed on the left side.

Your bed is in parallel with the window, and you can add screens, and remember to pull the screens before going to sleep at night to block bad suffocation. At the same time, the bedside of the bed should be against the wall. Otherwise, it means there is no backing; while the left and right sides of the bed should leave room, and try to make the space on the right side larger or equal to the space left on the left side; The item furniture is lower than the furniture height of the left side of the item. After this happens, you can basically sit back and relax.