How to identify the advantages and disadvantages of it?

The secret first of all lies in the Foundation of a good bed. What about how to identify the pros and cons of bed base? The first thing to note is the quality of bed, lift the mattress, we will see the wooden bed, bed sheets not MLB, bed quality is obviously not clear customs. Multistage straightening plate and wire springs made of bed, has a thick texture without any noise, belonging to the quality of the bed base.

Security, and durable of bed base also cannot completely guarantee comfortable of sleep, only will bed base and mattress is good to combined, only may created out most perfect of bed, select mattress Shi to note: everyone of sleep habits different, on mattress of soft hard needs also different, good bed can with sleep posture changes and automatically adjustment stretch, so in purchase Shi, to according to himself of sleep habits, to various posture try lying, if are can feel to comfortable, to reached best of sleep status; mattress of length and width to enough, Sleep because everyone will stand up, leave enough space for people to freely turn. Mattresses in their personal height at least plus 15cm, reserved space placed a pillow, sleep pressure reduction, and substantial height suggest buying extra long size mattress.