How to clean the glass dining table?

Glass is fragile, so glass furniture is best placed in a relatively fixed place, do not often move back and forth. Items placed on the furniture should be handled with care, otherwise the glass surface may be damaged. Try to avoid hard collision when using a glass table or coffee table with a high usage rate. Spread a table cloth on top to prevent the glass surface from being scratched. When cleaning the glass furniture in the home, we can wipe it with a wet towel or newspaper or toilet paper for general stains. If there are stains that are difficult to clean, use a towel to sip some white wine, beer or warm white vinegar. Don't use a liquid with strong acidity and alkalinity. Because the main component of the glass is silica, it is not resistant. Strong acid and alkali, these substances are easy to corrode glass. When wiping the patterned frosted glass, use a toothbrush to pick up some cleaning agent, and wipe the stain along the pattern to remove the stain. This kind of glass can also be coated with a few drops of kerosene or chalk ash and gypsum powder on the glass. After drying, wipe it with a clean cloth or cotton, so that the glass is clean and bright.


Chair maintenance

1. Avoid placing cups and tableware with hot water or hot soup directly on the table, but separate the tabletop with a coaster or insulation pad.

2, such as due to the long-term heat on the table, leaving a trace of white circles, this time can be wiped with cotton dipped in camphor oil, along the traces of white dirt like a circle to generally wipe back and forth, should be able to easily remove the traces.

3, the white scale of the dining table , as long as the white dirt in the place to put some oil, then wipe off with the old stockings.

4, the color of the wooden dinette can first use the dye to do the complementary color in the scratch, after the dye is dry, and then evenly the upper layer of bright wax.

5, because the restaurant location is usually next to the kitchen, so the dining table and chair is easy to contaminate the fumes, users should be diligently wiped to reduce the adhesion of dust, easy to clean up in the future.

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