How to choose a bed?
Hot Selling Factory Design Metal Divan Day Bed In Single Size.jpgThe bed for contemporary people actually includes two parts: the bed frame and the mattress. The latest trend for bed requirements is roughly four. The first is solid, you can't sleep and have a feeling of shaking. Secondly, the styling should be simple, and the bed that goes straight and straight goes in line with the consumer's purchasing ideas. Third, the area of the bed has an increasing trend and features. As a furniture designer, on the bed, the best part of the furniture is placed on the bed. Fourth, the height of the bed is reduced, and after the mattress is many, it is only 20 cm, while the height of the traditional bed is 40 cm.

To sleep well, the mattress is the focus. Experience tells us that a good mattress should be strong enough to support your body in all areas, and when you are lying on it, the vertebrae and the standing state are similar. Of course, it should not be too hard, so that the hips and shoulders should exceed their normal curvature, and should not be too soft, so as not to move the body during sleep. The high-grade bed and its mattress are also extraordinarily elegant. One is to use a separate mattress. The second is to pay attention to the materials, first of all, the filler is exquisite, to meet the requirements of environmental protection, ventilation, and human affinity, and then there is the fabric of the outer breadcrumbs, and some of the high-grade mattresses are made of high-grade polyester, which is very good in texture.