How different age groups chosen?

Bed selection in addition to materials, workmanship and other objective details, also take into account a person's sleep habits, like a bed or a cot, in addition, different age groups, selected bed also varies. Young people can choose the hardness soft beds, fabric upholstery, fabric upholstery color stylish and varied, it is easy to find the matching with the renovation of upholstery design. Middle-aged or elderly, recommends using a hardness slightly high beds, wooden or leather beds, the price is slightly expensive but good quality, consistent with the middle-aged man calm temperament.

Bed in accordance with the specifications can be divided into 1.5 1.9m 1.5 2.0M, 1.8 2.0M, 1.2 1.9m in different specifications, double the standard size of 1.5 2.0M, King bed standard size 1.8 2.0M. Is in need of attention, size refers to the size of mattress of the bed, so when purchasing, to note in bed box, different styles of the bounding box is not the same. In addition to measuring the size of the bedroom, determined can let go of the big bed. Normal bed length is usually 2 m, height 1.6 m can choose according to room size 1.2 meters and two widths of 1.5 meters bed use, the normal adult, you can choose two widths of 1.5 and 1.8 meters bed use. Consumers in more than 1.8 meters in height, recommended purchase 2.2 m length of bed use.