Consumers concerned about formaldehyde content of custom furniture

Recently, the Shenzhen Consumer Council released its first custom closet comparison report, select 12 mainstream wardrobe brand on the market: top solid, Europe, Le Manli, Red Apple, kafunuo, goods delivery, Stanley, and Pak win, music, Hollywood, Suo Feilai, Golden Apples are compared. Hazardous substance testing include formaldehyde, volatile organic compounds (VOC), heavy metals and odor four indexes. Harmful substances testing method is an internationally popular climate box collection of hazardous substances, the principle is the furniture into the climate box compartment, temperature, humidity and air flow simulation of ideal environment and collecting furniture and harmful substances released into the climate box after testing the air. Consumers care about most on formaldehyde emissions, Hollywood monk product delivery sample minimum, were 0.002mg/M3; ranked last of the Golden Apple as 0.013mg/M3; all samples of the formaldehyde emission has reached the European class E1 (0.124mg/m3) environmental standards. In the subjective evaluation of odor, Red Apple, Europe, kafunuo, Pepsi winning, Hollywood wardrobe smell slightly of the sample. On the VOC of the test, the Golden Apple, Red Apple, Pepsi winning sample minimum, low 0.01mg/m2h; all samples are up to our standards for VOC emissions volatile organic compounds should not exceed 0.50mg/m2h requirements. Heavy metal furniture come from paint, in this comparison test, all custom closet were not detected in samples of lead, cadmium, chromium, mercury and other heavy metals.