Collection furniture for which a preferred material in Asia?

When it comes to furniture collections, some mahogany which kind of material. In 1985, China's Wang Shixiang wrote of the Ming-style furniture, a famous Tibetan Book highly value and appreciate, mahogany furniture research and collections began to come into fashion.

30 years later, the mahogany furniture prices, over the last decade at an average annual rate of 1 time straight Sprint. Until 2015, the mahogany industry has experienced an unprecedented level of depth adjustment, low demand, the market downturn, the stores go out of business, closing down of enterprises, after a series of changes in the industry, mahogany furniture, but I keep a record auction price, thus mahogany furniture and high-end consumer demand remains robust.

In this collection of mahogany furniture, reporters found that many confused many novice investors, while in recent years more and more non-Asian mahogany material entering the Chinese market, what material more collectable rosewood furniture, mahogany furniture, as well as how to choose a collection value investors are most concerned about the topic. On Wednesday organized by the Guangzhou antique shop head office San Hsi Tang tearoom to appreciation of luxury goods exhibition, mahogany collection of experts and professionals to share their professional opinions.