Kid Bunk Bed For Bedroom With Desk In White
Kid Bunk Bed For Bedroom With Desk In White
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Kid Bunk Bed For Bedroom With Desk In White

This Kid Bunk Bed comes with a Desk. It is made with white powder coated metal tubes and mesh base. It consists of a single size bed on the top and a desk under the bed. It makes the children's bedroom a palce for learning and sleeping. The top bed can be accessible by climing the ladder. There are guard rails round the top bed to ensure safety.

The iron bed is made by rust-spraying powder and solidified at high temperature, which is not easy to remove paint and rust. The welding is protected by carbon dioxide gas to make the iron bed more beautiful, durable and solid. The surface of the tube is degreased, derusted, phosphatized, electrostatically sprayed, and cured at a high temperature. It is not easily deformed and has good bearing pressure.




Metal tube with powder coating,


mesh base,  metal slats available


Upper: 90*190 cm /90*200cm ,


White, black, ivory, purple, red, yellow, blue, turquoise all according to your panton code

Side Rail tube size

25*50, with the thickness: +1.0(before powder coating), main post:48mm with thickness 1.0mm