Black Metal Loft Bunk Bed With Desk
Black Metal Loft Bunk Bed With Desk
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Black Metal Loft Bunk Bed with Desk

The entire Black metal loft bunk bed consists mainly of four columns, a bed panel, a ladder, a table panel, and some important parts. The thickness of the bracket, the quality of the bed, the reliability of the welding, and the production process reflect the safety performance of the bed. 

The bunk bed combines the bed and the table into one, making full use of the space, novel structure, complete use, reasonable layout and beautiful appearance.

The bed frame is fully degreased, electrostatically sprayed, and subjected to strict nine-station processing. Pure water cleaning, heating, degreasing, phosphating, surface conditioning, drying process, make the product more rust-proof and longer life. The color of the counter is pure, soft and feels extraordinary.




Metal tube with powder coating,


mesh base,  metal slats available


Upper: 90*190 cm /90*200cm ,


White, black, ivory, purple, red, yellow, blue, turquoise all according to your panton code

Side Rail tube size

25*50, with the thickness: +1.0(before powder coating), main post:48mm with thickness 1.0mm